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The West Norfolk Foxhounds meet regularly three times a week on Mon/Wed/Sat from September to March if you would like more information, please contact Lizzie Case on 07775992598.   The North Norfolk Harriers meet regularly twice a week on Tues/Sat from September to March if you would like more information please speak to the NNH hunt secretary Amanda Brownlow on 01263 740446.

Frequently asked questions about hunting.

What do I wear to go hunting?
Normal rally dress with tweed hacking jacket or your pony club jacket.   Back protectors are worn at your own discretion.   No responsibility can be taken by the pony club or the hunt for any injury to rider or horse whilst out hunting.   It is a really good idea for your pony to wear a thick neck strap and a consider a stronger bit than usual as they can be much stronger than normal out hunting.

How much does it cost per day?
Please contact the hunt secretary to find out how much you will need to pay on a particular day. For first timers it is advisable to first attend a Children’s meet, the dates of which for WNPC and NNH will be advertised on the WNPC website.

How do I get there?
You should either hack to the meet if it is quite close, or you should unbox your pony well away from the meet and hack on quietly to settle him before you arrive.  It is important that your box or trailer does not obstruct any gateways or traffic so please park considerately.   If you wish to park on private land it is usual to telephone the owner to ask permission beforehand.

How do I find out where and when the hunt meets?
By contacting the Hunt Secretary.

Who do I have to ask if I can go out with the hunt?
Always telephone the Hunt Secretary before you attend for the first time.  Pony Club members are welcome at all meets however the Pony Club can take no responsibility for looking after members, who hunt at their own risk and under the supervision of their parents or appointed carer.

What is a “meet” and how long does it last?
It is the chosen place where everyone meets at 11am to gather together to begin the hunt.  The meet usually lasts around 15 minutes – so be there on time.   Your hosts will often provide some food so please thank them.

How do I recognise the Master and other hunt staff?
The Huntsman and Whipper-in wear red coats and are in charge of the Hounds. They will be with them at the meet. The Field Master (who is the person in charge of the mounted field), usually also wears a red coat and stands quite near to them, and will speak to the “Field” before leaving the meet.

Am I allowed to speak to them?
Yes, but politely address them as “Sir” or “Madam”. You should say Good Morning at the meet and introduce yourself if you are new to hunting.

Am I allowed to ride with the huntsman and hounds?
Only if you are invited to, otherwise stay with the other riders behind the “Field Master”.

What do I do if hounds come near or round my pony?
Always turn your pony to face hounds so that he can see them and keep his back feet away from them.

What do I do if I am riding a novice pony that has not been hunting before, or that my pony kicks out at others?
Put a green ribbon on his tail if he is novice, a BIG RED one if he kicks and keep to the back of the field.

Do I have to stay out all day?
No, but you must let the person know who is looking after you, that you are going home, and you say “Good Night” to the Hunt Staff (if you see them). If your pony has not been hunting before or is unfit, limit the time you are out.

What do I do if I have a problem or I see someone who has fallen off?
Find the person who is looking after you for help and ask anyone else that many be near you for help. Before you go out hunting you should always make sure that there is a knowledgeable mounted adult appointed to look out for you. Please do not expect other mounted riders to look after you without asking before the meet.  You should have your parent or guardian’s contact details in your pocket or armband and ideally taken your road rider test.  The Pony Club takes no responsibility for looking after members out hunting and children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times.

A days hunting is a lot of fun but you must remember your manners at all times and try to be helpful to others without getting in the way. If you are unsure about anything, please ask – even if you think your question is silly.

Medical armbands

It has been decided that from a safety point of view that it is a very good idea for pony club members to wear their medical armband whilst out hunting. We would not encourage any youngster to go out unaccompanied as hunting is fast and furious and there are always big horses at speed and it can be dangerous for little ones on small ponies. We know that any small person can become adrift from whoever is looking after them and if anything happens there is no way of knowing who the child belongs to if the parent is not with them.  If you would rather not wear an armband please put the key details required from the armband on a piece of card and put in the child’s jacket pocket.

Unless you subscribe to the hunt, you should book in with the hunt secretary each time you want to go hunting.  She will give you the information you need and tell you how much the cap will be. It is important that you know how hunting works, and very important that you know how you and your pony should behave in the hunting field. It is not the responsibility for any adult in the field to look after you which is why you need to have organised beforehand for a mounted guardian. If you are considering hunting please attend the hunting rallies and consider taking the hunting certificate – for more information on this please contact Juliet Case.

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