Achievement Badges

We offer mini achievement badges for younger members at camp and rallies throughout the year as well as equine and non equine achievement badges for Junior and senior members. These are designed to help learn a wide range of skills such as first aid, farming, map reading, saddlery, road safety and grooming. For a full list please look on the main PCUK website.

Efficiency Tests

We run training and tests beginning at E through to A at rallies and test days throughout the year. Please see the What’s on section for details.

This table shows suggested ages for tests. Details of all tests and their syllabus are available on the main Pony Club website www.pcuk.org. These are for guidance only.

E Test (pale blue) 4yrs
Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge Before D Test
D Test (yellow) 8yrs
D+ Test (white) 10yrs
Riding & Road Safety Badge Before C Test
C Test (green) 11yrs
C+ Test (pink) 13yrs
Road Rider Test Before B Test
B Test (red) 16yrs
Lungeing Certificate 16yrs
AH Test 17yrs
Coaching Certificate 18yrs
A Test 18yrs

When a member has passed a test, they will be awarded a coloured test felt to wear under their Pony Club badge on their tweed jacket. The colours are marked on the table above.

To find out more about what each test entails and age eligibility for each one please look at the main PCUK website.

Dressage tests

We run regular dressage training sessions and the PC winter league Dressage – any questions contact Janis Young. To download tests please click here.

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